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A New Book by Story House owner
Deborah Bodin Cohen


  • A young teenager who spoke out for gun control in front of tens of thousands. 

  • An Israeli street artist who painted an ancient city with modern images.

  • A biotechnologist who led the quest for a Covid vaccine.


In Heroes with Chutzpah, readers will meet 101 Jewish changemakers from the recent past and present, who challenged the status quo in the arts, sciences, social justice, sports and politics.  Each one-page biography is accompanied by an original digi

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Coming Soon!
An Invitation to Passover
by Story House Owner
Deborah Bodin Cohen
& Kerry Olitzky

What People are Saying

"The Story House was a wonderful addition to our Back to School Picnic!  Debbie was easy to work with, and was able to arrange her schedule to accommodate our event at the last minute.  Kids and parents loved going into the trolley and finding their favorite books.  Our PTA was able to raise money while encouraging reading at the same time!  It was a great and unique addition to our event.  We are looking for more opportunities to bring The Story House back to our school this year!"
Andrea Creel
President, Ritchie Park Elementary School PTA

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