Packer Teacher Wish Lists

Welcome to the Packer Teacher Wish List Page!

The books on this page are books that the teachers would love to have for their class rooms. Please consider purchasing from the lists as a gift to the teacher and his or her students.

If a book says "out of stock," it means that it has already been purchased for that teacher.  

The wish list books will be sent all together to Packer.  There is no postage charge for the books.   Choose the Packer books fair shipping option when checking out.  You will be asked to give your home address also but this is just for identification purposes.  The books will go to the school.

The Packer librarians will affix a bookplate to all donated books, acknowledging who purchased it. 

15% of all sales will benefit Packer.

When you check out, please make sure to list your child's name, class and any details
for the bookplate.  Click where it says "Book Fair Purchase?" on the check out menu to be able to enter this information.

To visit the main book fair page, with books to purchase for your home, please follow this link.

Pre-K - Lynnette Arthur's Wish List