Hogwarts - Adult Medium, Large, XL and Kids

Hogwarts - Adult Medium, Large, XL and Kids


No muggles allowed!   This combination, in teal, tan and black, features Hogwarts on one side and Harry's stag patronus on the other.   Available in Adult Medium, Large, XL and Kids sizes.  


Face masks made from 100% premium cotton - washable and reusable.  They have pleats to contour to your face, a metal insert at the nose for a close fit and two elastic bands that wrap around your neck and head for a comfortable fit.  


Sizing Information - lengths approximate:

Little Kids - 5 inch mask, plus elastic - Pre-School & Early Elementary School

Kids - 6 inch mask, plus elastic - Elementary & Middle School

Adult Medium - 7 inch mask, plus elastic - Teenagers & Adults

Adult Large - 8 inch mask, plus elastic  - Adults

Adult Extra Large - 9 inch mask, plus elastic - Aduts, more generously cut


These masks are not medical grade. The seamstress sewing the masks has made hundreds to donate to medical professionals; your purchase helps to support this effort.


It is recommended that you wash your mask before wearing.