Do Not Lick this Book

Do Not Lick this Book


From a highly respected microbiologist and the creator of the Youtube sensation Dumb Ways to Die (close to 150 million views to date) comes this ingenious, interactive book about the germs that occupy real estate on all of our bodies.

In the bestselling tradition of Hervé Tullet's Press Here, comes this highly interactive and genuinely funny book that teaches kids where microbes live, how easily they can be transferred, and how truly tiny they are in relation to us.

Readers are encouraged to not only join, but to transfer Min, our tiny microbial guide, from teeth to T-shirt to one's own belly button. Extremely magnified photographic images of these environments are both beautiful and astonishing, especially when populated by Julian Frost's quirky, adorable collection of microbes.

This book will have countless kids touching their own teeth and belly buttons as they discover a world unseen to the naked eye.

Acquired in a six-figure pre-empt, Do Not Lick This Book has the potential to become one of our most successful (and certainly quirkiest) informational books ever.