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Some stories don't need words to make their meaning clear—and some friendships can transcend barriers. A wordless picture book shows that the power of friendship and communicating can span across the galaxies. "This almost-wordless story of friendship and separation shows a small alien making its way to Earth in a spaceship that looks (and opens) like a pill capsule. The use of color conveys important meaning within the rounded, bubbly art. After landing on Earth, the alien encounters a friendly rabbit in a candy-colored landscape and then makes its way into town, where it is ignored by a throng of tall, oblivious adults, rendered in drab grays and browns. Eventually, the dejected alien meets a similarly sized child, who offers crayons and paper; through the act of making art, the two become fast friends. The alien turns out to be delightfully helpful, as it can retrieve lost paper airplanes and dropped ice cream with its handheld device. The device unfortunately then calls the alien back to its home planet, and the new friendship is tested by untold miles. Back home, the other aliens, anxious to hear about the traveler's adventures, are tellingly rendered in the same drab lack of color as the adults on Earth. In a wistful, open-ended conclusion, the small alien finds the perfect way to send a message back to its new very-long distance friend: the one-word grand gesture of a celestial 'Hello.'"—The Horn Book Magazine "Friendship can truly be out of this world. A pale-faced, antennaed intergalactic explorer zooms through space in a red and blue rocket. Landing in the countryside on Earth, the visitor first discovers a colorful, welcoming world. But in town, the color disappears, and gray adult humans stride past one another, staring at their handheld devices. Only the explorer is still shown in color, staring up in bewilderment and lost in the sea of gray. Ignored, the explorer sits alone until an Asian-presenting human child offers a red crayon and paper. Together they draw pictures and fold them into paper airplanes that fly through the air, until the human's becomes stuck in a tree. The explorer uses a gadget first to rescue the airplane and again when the child's ice cream falls off its cone. When the explorer receives a message on the gadget and gets back into the rocket, the two friends say goodbye. Once home, however, the explorer misses the friend left behind on Earth and sends a star-studded message of greeting—the only word in the book. Vivid illustrations are often multipaneled, like a graphic novel, and vary in perspective for storytelling and cinematic effect. The presumably adult explorer and human child are similarly short and sturdily built, lending them a pleasing visual consonance. Although wordless, this deftly expresses our simple need to build connections that can endure across a galaxy."—starred, Kirkus Reviews

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